fraidy cats

– videopoetry by j.p. sipilä

in the very beginning (2nd try)

Here’s a small clip from the upcoming videopoem “Oblivion”



useful selves = oblivion

and reflections are not just reflections
but more radioactive penetrations
of indoors and outdoors


you’ll find all my videopoetry also from YouTube at (in english)


and then i only could see me
recycling to and from
a to b b to a
they never were the same


look at the nothing thing that doesn’t even exist

useful selves

my next videopoem will be a bit different; it’s a reading of Eeva-Liisa Manners poem Kontrapunkti. so that will be only available in finnish.
right after that i’ll start working on something that is called now “Useful Selves”. At the moment I can say that it won’t be finished before september.

generally agreed
only an element to my identity
put on whatever you have
fear of early death
old things see different
glimpse of hope once possible
early escape fear of living

something to be found #2

you must have a sense of
to use
our products