fraidy cats

– videopoetry by j.p. sipilä

about “Fairy Distortions”

It has been only ten months now when I first started to make videopoems. It’s amazingly short time but when I actually think about it, it’s not. So far I have made five videopoems or actually four ’cause “Fairy Distortions” has a finnish twin “vääristymien oikeutuksia”.

The whole idea for “Fairy Distortions” started when I saw a dutch band called This Leo Sunrise playing in Utrecht (where they are from). Somehow their music hit me – strong! I don’t know if it the moody post-folk or the twisted use of their melodies that really made me think: this is the band I want to perform for my videopoetry.

I saw them play in September 2006 so it has been a while now. Since then I have made three videopoems in finnish and got some really good feedback from them but more importantly I am always learning more possibilities that videopoetry has. I mean the use of poetic language has more and more possibilities all the time – thanks to these new ways to make poetry.

So… “Fairy Distortions” combines sound, image and poetry together and by doing so it gives a poem new dimensions, maybe a new aesthetic experience or as canadian videopoet Tom Konyves says “The object is to create a work which uses poetry in a new medium to create a new kind of poetic experience”


”What I think is that you start with materials. You start with matter, not rules.” – Clark Coolidge.

”The poets relation to language is one of listening or hearing not just speaking or writing.” – William Carlos Williams


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  forker girl wrote @

How exciting this is! I have been making video poams (products of acts of making) since October 2004, that first one very crude and nothing like what I now post on youtube (forkergirl channel). Making video poams (and various three dimensional poams) are part of Limited Fork Poetics (also called Limited Fork Science) which studies interacting language systems which are all visual, sonic, olfactory, and tactile systems on all scales, often simultaneously.

I think that you might like my video poam Ostrich Culture of Snowmen that explores many additional dimensions.

I teach limited fork also, an approach to understanding experience that can have relevance in just about any field of endeavor.

If you want to know more about Limited Fork, please visit any of my three blogs: Tine Times, <a href=””Tine Times cyber workshop, and Tine Times 2

There are also 3 Limited Fork podcasts at iTunes (where video and sound poams can be downloaded for free):
Limited Fork,
Limited Fork Music, and
the Limited Fork Video anthology (containing video poams –products of acts of making– by student practitioners of Limited Fork Poetics).

Thank you so much for making “Fairy Distortions”!

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