fraidy cats

– videopoetry by j.p. sipilä

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this iz stable… no movement here… some english post mix in finnish at…



videopoem by j.p. sipilä
based on a poem “Wolf” by Mikael Brygger
Mikael Brygger: Emily (ntamo, 2007)

videopoem #? (part 1, 2 ,3)




this is real realm – videopoem

still hoping to get it finished by new years.

for my being
i believe
this is a dream

while in silence

for some obivious reasons nithing seems to happen here. it’s silence. no reasons.
for some reasons i’ve already started to collect material for a script of my upcoming (?) book or whatever will it be.
it’s weird because the last one isn’t out yet, but it’ll be soon i think. from ntamo. leevi’s fast growing pod-publishing-thingy.
it’s weird also because the next videopoem isn’t finished. we’re still waiting for the 8mm to be digitalized… but we have a deadline somewhere in 2007. jacco (see fairy distortions) is working for the music at the moment. things are happening (are they, why) moving being kinetic
evolving volving etctc

Interview of mr. Konyves.

12 or 20 questions with Tom Konyves here!

small update…

i or actually we have been working hard fot the next videopoem called “moth“. it’s a poem from my upcoming book titled “näin eksyneen valmiiksi tehdyille kartoille” (ntamo, 2007(2008). here’s a picture of Ale K. who is making to videopoem with me. i’ll try to keep you posted and.. at the moment I am having troubles translating the poem to english. see ya’